Cashmere oh cashmere! I've mumbled in delight over the word for years as I've battled twenty Autumns, Winters and chilly Springs, in our home in a small village near Lewes, nestled in the Sussex Downs where 'turning the heating on' simply refers to putting another log on the fire. Cashmere - such an evocative word - has always epitomised soft comfort and luxurious warmth whatever the season.

The story of Misty Cashmere began here. A few years ago my frustration with outdated styles, thin cashmere knits and growing price tags led me to act. My mission was simple: I wanted to create beautiful cashmere garments for the busy country-living woman that had a thicker knit for a warmer, softer and more durable effect. I also wanted a healthier mix of functionality, fashion and value for money that I felt was absent in the current cashmere market.

Our Cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia and is designed to specific knit weights. Our customers can choose jumpers and cardigans that range from light weight to thicker knits (although cashmere is always light to wear) according to their function and customers preference.

cashmere goat misty cashmere

We use cashmere that is socially and responsibly produced. Mongolian herders are deeply rooted to their ancient traditions and we use suppliers who have a close relationship with them in the gathering and processing one of the world’s finest natural fibres.

Temperatures often get to -46° C on the Mongolian Steppe as it is far from oceans, high in altitude and chilled by the Siberian cold atmosphere from the north. To brace themselves against the harsh winters the Mongolian goats produce a downy layer know as cashmere which is believed to be the finest, longest and softest in the world. The cashmere is generally shed by the goats during the early summer and the precious fibre is collected by herders who hand comb the goats once a year.

Misty Cashmere is my fledgling business and it is a joy to see it take flight. I'm taking immense delight in the creative opportunity of it. I work from home and where I can I use local businesses I know and trust to support new designs; the trim cashmere cardigan is designed in Sussex, printed on silk in Uckfield and sewn on by hand in my office. Misty (my Labrador inspiration!) is always somewhere nearby.



From Mongolian Steppe to Sussex Downs we hope you enjoy our cashmere!

Chloë Liddell

CL with Trim Cardigans on Gate