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The Summer Edit!

Misty on Location - Lewes and the Ouse Valley Viaduct

A few questions answered

The cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, the merino wool from Australia and the yak yarn from Tibet. The cashmere is organic and traceable and the wool is covered by the RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) from farm to factory. The yak is highly revered in Tibet and we leave the yarn undyed.

Our knitwear is made in Inner Mongolia. The factory we use has the highest operating standards and is regularly inspected. We have a friendly working relationship with our supplier and have kept in regular contact during the pandemic. A glimpse into the traditional way of life in the Gobi Desert and cashmere harvesting can be seen in our supplier's video.

For more information on the manufacturing process please click here.

We scrutinise all aspects of our knitwear for their environmental properties including the yarn used, the labels and the buttons.

Most of our knitwear now have organic cotton care labels and we use recycled materials for the neck labels.

The buttons we use are either made of coconut or corozo nut which fall to the ground naturally. The corozo nuts come from Ecuador helping to preserve the rain forests and are honed in the UK.

Environmentally friendly products are used in all parts of the supply chain for our knitwear. It is packaged in recyclable or biodegradable bags and we use recycled and recyclable mailing boxes or brown Kraft bags at pop-ups.

Misty is a black labrador - always keen for a walk but finds it difficult to sit still during a photoshoot. However, she did enjoy the attention during the filming of the Misty Cashmere video so keep a look out for her cameo role at the end. She loves it when she gets emails but I do reply on her behalf! Chloë | Misty