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Zip Neck Jumper | Natural Dark Yak Yarn

  • £250.00
Our unique zip neck jumper is made from pure yak yarn which is sourced from Tibet and spun in Inner Mongolia. Yak yarn is gorgeously soft and because of its beautiful natural colour the yarn is left undyed - we have used the dark brown yak marl for the main jumper colour with a lighter yak yarn inside the neck opening.
    • High insulating properties
    • Lightweight
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Breathable and odourless!
    • Knitted in a chunky 7-gauge knit
    • Boiled wool trim zip facing in brown with discreet 'Misty' logo zip pull
    • Dark yak yarn/light yak yarn neck detail
    • Helps sustain Tibetan herders way of life
    • 100% sustainable yak