Love the Yak

Love the Yak

If every you meet us at a fair or show you will know how much we go on about our zip neck jumpers in yak yarn!

We love them because of their natural undyed beautiful colour and softness, not to mention their sustainability!

The yaks are domesticated and roam free in the Tibetan Plateau with the herders following them in a nomadic pattern throughout the seasons. They help to maintain the delecate ecosystem of the area grazing on a variety of flora, fertilizing the land with their manure and spreading the seeds with their borad hooves. The hair is gathered naturally when the yaks mould in the summer and it is left undyed due to its wonderful natural colour.

Yak yarn is considered to be hypoallergenic, and the insulatig properties have been relied upon by nomads in the Trans-Himalayan region for millenia. You can be sure that any yak garment from Misty Cashmere will keep you warm for many years to come.

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