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Natural Buttons

At Misty Cashmere we take great care about all environmental aspects of our knitwear down to the smallest detail to make sure that they are sustainable.

We use natural products for the buttons in our knitwear which are either made from coconuts or from 'mococha' which fall to the ground naturally from the Tagua palm tree which takes 15 years to mature. The nuts are laid to dry for three months and are then turned and finished in Britain using traditional techniques. Each button has its own character!



Because the ‘mococha’ fall to earth naturally when they are ripe, it means that there is no human harvesting or cutting of any part of the tree. Corozo is such a valuable crop that in contrast to many rainforests around the world which are being cut down, those in Ecuador are being largely maintained, as the tagua palm tree’s economic and sustainability features means that it diminishes any need to do so.

All our corozo nut buttons are made by British button maker, Courtney & Co; the buttons on our V-Neck cardigans are dyed to match the moss and black cashmere yarns. White corozo nut buttons are used on pale blue High Collar Jumper.