Behind the scenes - Autumn apple picking

In case you haven't noticed the sudden crisp mornings, the over-abundance of leaves, blackberries, and conkers - AUTUMN IS FINALLY HERE!

It's getting chilly, so while you are digging out blankets, duvets, and electric radiators, why not update your wardrobe with some classic cashmere? Misty cashmere has some thicker knit jumpers which are designed to keep you warm when the weather worsens. It's the time of year to prance among the leaves and wrap up, before it starts to rain too much!

The transforming of the season means all of our favourite autumn events are back: Bonfire night, Halloween, and - of course - the annual apple picking ritual in our neighbour’s garden.

In fact, you may recognise the garden where we helped out - it's where we shot Misty Cashmere's first ever campaign. You don't remember? Here are some snaps (featuring Misty) to remind you:


We celebrated the harvest by picking barrows and barrows of various apple varieties, smultching (technical language) the apples, before pressing the juice, and finally filtering the juice straight into empty milk cartons. It was awesome to witness the process from apple to golden elixir in such a short period - and without adding any nasties. And freshly homemade apple juice is D E L I C I O U S. Misty Cashmere managed to bag a couple of cartons for our help.

Misty Cashmere is also lucky enough to have apples in our garden at home although some of these have been stolen by our mischievous namesake, Misty. Those we managed to save were made into blackberry and apple jam!


We love countryside traditions - especially ones that involve food and ones where the community come together.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?